The history of our law firm dates back to 2007. We started our path as a single-person law firm seated in wrocław. Over the years we have created an international law firm operated as a joint stock company cooperating on a permanent basis with lawyers from poland and abroad.


During our todate activity we had the pleasure to take part in our clients’ debuts on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, manage multi-million equity investments, form the legal frames for the biggest musical events in Poland or to support investments in the furthest parts of the world.

The success of our law firm is based on the belief that on the ever-changing market of legal services there is a need for a firm specializing in corporate law and offerring an innovative and comprehensive approach to business clients. Our lawyers fully understand our clients’ needs and what is more, we adjust our services to our client’s business model, and not vice versa.

By using modern communication channels we are able to provide corporate clients from around the world with prompt, flexible and comprehensive legal services. Our innovative approach enables our clients to take advantage of full legal assistance at any time without walking away from the computer in their office. The services rendered by our law firm include the support of professionals in various domains of law and related areas. Among the specialists cooperating with us we can mention: tax advisers, expert auditors or auditors. That is why our clients can find everything they need in one place.
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Maciej Oniszczuk