Company in Poland

Company in Poland

Polish commercial law can be very complicated. If you plan to open a company in Poland, you must be aware that even just completing documents can take some time. It is very easy to overlook an aspect of this process, which results in significant delays in the procedure of register company in Poland.

Company formation Poland

The Polish accounting and tax regulations are one of the most stringent in Europe – so it is worth giving this part of the business to experienced specialists who will take care of the company’s and its owner’s interests.

Our Law Firm, because of the experience gained over the years in the creation of several hundred entities in Poland and abroad, is ready to comprehensively deal with the creation of any type of company for you in a way that allows you to quickly open business in Poland and implement your business strategy.

Company formation

Setting up a company in Poland involves choosing the right legal form of the company. Depending on your needs, the Law Office will help you choose the right legal form for each activity, as well as explain and explain the differences between them. The most frequently chosen legal form is a limited liability company.

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The registration of a company in Poland can now take place both in the traditional way and through the IT system – S24. Setting up a business in Poland in the traditional way, after choosing the right legal form for the client’s activity, starts with the preparation of various types of documents, first and foremost the company’s agreement, which must be created for everyone in an individual manner and taking into account specific needs, goals, situation and relations between partners. Opening the company in most cases requires a visit to a notary public to sign a partnership agreement. If the partners do not speak Polish, a sworn translator is required. Other activities such as registration of the company in the Register of Entrepreneurs remain the responsibility of the office.

Company registration via Internet

The Polish legal system enables the establishment of a company through a teleinformation system. It is currently the fastest way to open a business in Poland. However, it is necessary to have a trusted ePUAP profile, which may be opened by holders of the Polish PESEL number. Establishing a company in this way can take place entirely through remote contact with the client, without the need to visit the office or the notary. After selecting the appropriate legal form, it remains to prepare relevant documents and send an application to the appropriate Registry Court.

The company should be registered within 24 hours. Sometimes this process is slightly longer.

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Challenges and problems

Running your own business is not always easy. Cooperation with us, however, can make it very easy. Our Law Firm provides its clients with ongoing support in legal assistance. We are also aware that good management and correct establishment of a company in Poland requires being up to date with applicable regulations.

Our profession requires maximum involvement in the client’s case, therefore we provide you with care at every stage of the plan implementation.

We have expanded our services to include:

  • Service of a notary’s office,
  • Support for the accounting office and tax advisor,
  • Support for the statutory auditor.