Benefits of European Union citizenship

Benefits of European Union citizenship

European Union Passport, created by the 1992 Maastricht Treaty, is amongst the most powerful in the world because it gives its holder many benefits. Becoming an EU citizen means unlimited working rights, ease in opening a company, international mobility, transferring EU citizenship to descendants and many other benefits which may encourage you to consider getting a European passport. After reading some of its advantages you may want to learn how to get EU citizenship.

EU Company

Getting EU citizenship makes it easier to register a company in any of the Member State, launch a branch of an existing company and to open a European bank account for your company. In addition, there is a variety of EU funds and initiatives available to recently opened companies aimed at supporting them. EU has no double taxation agreements which turns out to be very beneficial.
Moreover, if you are thinking of forming a company in one of the Member States, remember that one of the ways to reason your EU passport application is getting European passport by investment, thus you can achieve two things at once.

Easy travel

EU passport gives you opportunity to freely travel in the EU between 27 of member states. Without EU nationality you may be a subject to restrictions and you may need to obtain a visa or permits. It does not need to be reminded that permit and visa applications are costly and time consuming. For a person traveling a lot it should be much easier to apply for EU citizenship and forget about all restrictions. Getting European passport also gives you right to consular protection by EU member states which may be found useful in time of emergency.

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Working and residential rights

Citizenship in European countries entitles you to legally stay and work in any of the EU member states. Without EU citizenship, getting a proper work visa may be a quite difficult and expensive process. Besides, with EU passport you are more reliable to European employers who are looking for culturally aware and mobile employees. More important is the fact that equal treatment is ensured for all citizens of the Union.

Education – wide range of possibilities

Studying in the EU is very profitable. Many universities offer great career development in the scenery of diverse and famous cities. Many countries offer free or very affordable tuition fees or many scholarships. Moreover, the European Union is famous for Erasmus programme, which allows students to study abroad for a year. Additionally any diploma obtained in EU is recognized in other European countries. If you or your children are thinking of studying in the EU you should consider whether to apply for EU passport.

Health care benefits

Basic health care is guaranteed to all with European nationality. EU citizens benefit from healthcare in any of the EU member states. It does not matter whether they are just travelling or residing there permanently. It is also possible to travel as a citizen of the EU to other Member State to receive medical treatment which tends to be more affordable than in other countries outside of the Union. Thus, becoming a European citizen may bring you more than you have ever thought. Moreover, EU is committed to the detection of unsafe products and has very strict product and food safety regulations.

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Data privacy

UE has introduced General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which extensively covers data collection, storage and its usage. It ensures privacy similar to a tax-related level of confidentiality, which is not that common in other parts of the world. European Union is putting a lot of effort to protect EU citizens’ fundamental rights to privacy.

General benefits of EU passport

Other advantages of having a EU citizenship include ability to transfer your citizenship to your children and their kids, ease in buying properties, collecting social benefits that are reserved for EU citizens,

EU passport requirements vary for each of its member states so you should check how to get European passport in a particular state.

Union made Europe a peaceful place where its citizens live in peace, mutual respect and understanding. Learning how to get European citizenship turns out to be more profitable than you expected and described benefits are just the tip of an iceberg, which can turn out to be a dreamy journey.