Company in Ireland

Company in Ireland

What connects Facebook, Google, Apple and Intel? All these giants have their European headquarters in Ireland.

Open business in Ireland – Ireland information

Ireland separated from Great Britain in 1921. It is the second-largest island of the British Isles even though its area is 4.5 times smaller than the area of Poland. Irish citizens are extremely friendly and well-disposed towards other people. It is said that they are the most liked in the world. The capital of Ireland is Dublin and there are around 120.000 Poles living in Ireland.

Company formation in Ireland – is it worth it?

Ireland is one of the European tax havens. Irish officials are extremely friendly to future entrepreneurs. Ireland is an ideal place for IT companies (in particular cryptocurrencies). Holding, service and production solutions using Irish companies are not surprising (properly planned establishment of a company allows for safe tax optimization). Ireland is distinguished by a low rate of income tax on companies (enterprises), no taxation on partnerships if the income does not come from sources located in Ireland, or no tax on dividends. In Ireland, you can distinguish a limited liability company (PLC), a partnership – such as a limited partnership or a branch of a foreign company.

Ireland’s economy is dynamic and global, and the government has introduced a number of facilities for entrepreneurs to encourage them to invest on the Green Island.

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Open company in ireland – what about taxes?

The basic tax-free amount is EUR 16,500 and it is higher than that applicable in the UK (£ 11.500). Taxes in Ireland are considered one of the most fair.

Business in Ireland with a low annual turnover, does not require registration as a VAT payer. The CIT tax in Ireland is the lowest in Europe. Its amount is 12,5% (the increased CIT rate up to 25% applies to income from financial operations). For the first 3 years of activity (regardless of the origin of revenues), the company may benefit from a full CIT exemption (up to 1 million EURO in profit). Registration as a VAT taxpayer must be made only by those companies whose annual turnover exceeds EUR 55,000 (when selling goods) or 27,000 (when providing services). Minimum Universal Social Charge should be paid in the tune of 0.5%, 2.5%, 8% and 11% of the amount of income.

Company name

If it comes to name of the Irish company, the most important thing is that the whole name should be in English – foreign words are not acceptable. The name must end with either Limited or LTD.

Company registration in Ireland and its directors, shareholders and secretary

Two directors, one shareholder and one company secretary are required to set up a company in Ireland. One of directtors should be EU resident, and all of directors and secretary must be over age18.
It is possible to have nominne directors, shareholder and secretary in Irish company.

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Share capital

The standard share capital for an Ireland Company Formation is 1 share of 1.00 EURO, but on the other hand Ireland is really flexible – you can have the shares at any value and have any number of shares.

Ready made company in Ireland

We will be appreciates in providing you with more information and answering questions not only regarding the establishment of a company, but also possibilities of buying a ready made company. A ready made company in Ireland can save your time, but you can also gain more buying it, for exaple:

  • clean and clear of any business debts and liabilities company,
  • confidence of new customers who will of see a company with history,
  • ease of getting business contacts with other entrepreneurs and the bank,

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