Company in Sweden

Company in Sweden

Sweden is a country in Northern Europe that is one of the Scandinavian countries. It has 10.2 million. residents, which makes it the most populous Scandinavian country. Sweden has been a member of the European Union since 1995. It is the third largest country in the EU. It borders Norway, Finland and Denmark across a bridge over the Öresund Strait.

Open business in Sweden

Sweden is recognized as the 14th best country in the world to do business in. If we decide to establish a company in Sweden, we should bear in mind that the most of popular company formation in Sweden is Aktiebolag (A.B. – a limited liability company), this type of company is a legal entity that is separate from the persons, which lead it.

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Establishing a company in Sweden

The Swedish Aktiebolag (AB) is the equivalent of a limited company. Establishing a company in Sweden in this form guarantees us limited liability for the company's activities. In the case of individuals who decide to set up a company in Sweden in the form of a business or partnerships, the personal assets of the person are at risk if there were a claim against this entity.

Opening a company in Sweden means that the shareholders of AB are only responsible for the value of the share capital they contribute to the company.

When deciding to open company in Sweden, we must choose at least one director and partner. The director and partner can be the same person, which is a beneficial solution for anyone considering whether registering a company in Sweden is a good solution if they do not have a trusted partner to run their own business.

Company registration in Sweden is an easy and simple process. A personal visit is also not required, because everything can be done remotely, which reduces the time and excludes travel costs.

Company name

As in most jurisdictions, the company name must be approved before the company is registered. The company name may be in any language, but it must be unique and do not contain certain words, such as "bank", "insurance" and "group", which requires special permission.

Taxes in Sweden

To conduct business in Sweden, regardless of whether it is run by a natural person abroad or a legal person, you may be subject to VAT, employer contributions or income tax. Corporate income tax is levied on the income of enterprises established in Sweden, as well as on profits derived from activities carried out in Sweden through a branch or agency. The tax year is the calendar year. To change your calendar year to a different financial structure, you must obtain permission from the tax authorities. Tax returns are submitted annually and should be submitted within six months of the end of the tax year.

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Ready made company in Sweden / purchase of a company in Sweden

It is also possible to buy a company in Sweden that is already registered. As a rule, a ready made company in Sweden exists for a relatively short time, has not conducted any activity before and was created for its subsequent sale. However, due to the legal regime regarding the establishment of companies, the purchase of a company in Sweden may prove unprofitable.

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