Three ways of becoming an EU citizen

Three ways of becoming an EU citizen

Even though European passport application may be a time-consuming process, the legislation of particular countries gives us a wide range of possibilities to acquire it. Let us help you choose the best option and start your journey of becoming a European Citizen.

How to get EU passport by descent

Maybe it’s the perfect time to test your bloodline as the most cost-efficient and fastest citizenship in Europe can be obtained through your ancestry. You can take this road if your parents, grandparents or in some cases even great-grandparents come from certain EU countries granting citizenship based on jus sanguinis. One of the biggest advantages is the cost of the process – you can acquire EU citizenship even for just a few hundred dollars.

Got any ascendants in Germany, Poland or Italy? Then you are lucky enough to go with this option and obtain EU nationality in just a few months. It’s good to know that there is no common EU-wide law or procedure for acquiring citizenship by descent, each EU country has its own specific rules, application processes and required documentation.

EU citizenship by marriage

Some countries grant their citizenship by marrying a citizen. But a simple marriage is not enough. In most cases there are some additional requirements – residency, sufficient knowledge of the language or even close ties. If your partner is Polish, Portuguese or Spanish, you can be eligible for EU citizenship in the future.

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European passport by naturalization

If those options didn’t fit you, you can always start the process of becoming a resident of your country of choice. It’s a little more time-consuming as it usually takes not less than 5 years. The destination that offers the easiest EU passport application is definitely Portugal, which grants it’s citizens a visa-free entry to 159 countries. The only European passport requirement is being a resident for at least five years after which you can apply for Portuguese (therefore EU) citizenship.

Belgium should be the perfect option for entrepreneurs, as it grants Belgian (European) citizenship based on your economic ties with this country. It means that on this land, to apply for European passport you need to either: set up a company in Belgium or get a job with a Belgian company. Once you do that, you need to maintain residency for at least five years.
If you come from a country that used to be a Spanish colony, this destination should be the perfect choice. It provides you a visa-free entry to even 161 countries and the process of acquiring residency lasts about two, instead of ten years that everyone else has to wait.

European citizenship by investment

The last option is buying EU citizenship. It can be done in two ways. If you don’t want to physically reside in the country of your choice for years, you could invest your money. Each country sets up it’s own requirements regarding the goods you should invest in – it could be a social fund, a house or a stock. Also the amount of money invested varies – for example, it reaches up to even one million euro in Malta, but you only need 15 months to obtain European nationality. In the second, Golden Visa Way you somehow exchange your invested money into a possibility of residing in a country for a specific period of time after which you receive a European passport by investment. Some popular countries that offer this program are Spain or Portugal.

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As you can see, the process of becoming a Europen citizen can be quite time-consuming and in some cases very expensive. We know how to broach this to make it as convenient as possible for you. Entrust the task to professionals and save your time and money.